Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Le Dèbut

Hey y'all! Welcome to my first ever blog post... I am thoroughly excited to share with all of you my passion for all things decorating.  Let's get started, shall we?

Since the blog is called Damask & Design, I thought it would be fitting for my first post to be about damasks and some of the ways they can be integrated into a design concept.  Damasks are some of the most beautiful fabrics-- and some of you may not know that the word damask simply means "a rich patterned fabric of cotton, linen, silk, or wool".  Like myself in days-gone-by, you may have thought that a damask has to look like this:

Actually, you're in luck! Damasks come in all colors, patterns, and textures.  For example...

This teal and gold version is vintage colonial to me, but in an updated way.

This black-and-white version is a little French-country-with-a-twist... how cute would it be as an accent wall in a kitchen or bathroom!

This rustic green and gold pattern has an ancient Italian feel... It would be great in a library or study with lots of dark wood and books.

Isn't this pattern every little girl's dream?  I know that when I was little, I wanted everything in my room to be pink... This satisfies the requests of every little girl without turning her room into a cotton candy nightmare! 

Not only can damasks come in a variety of patterns and textures, but they can also be integrated into a room through many different elements.

For just a taste of this amazing accent, incorporate a few throw pillows in a rich damask, and mix in some others in more subtle patterns and solids to add interest and contrast to your design scheme.

For more of an impact, damask curtains in a fun color can become the focal point of a room.  The use of solid furniture and minimal pattern elsewhere in this room really draws the viewer's attention to the windows.

{Note:  I love the orange and turquoise color scheme with the white deco accents-- so Miami Beach!}

Damask fabric on a headboard can really make a statement in a bedroom.  I love how they mixed in the blue and yellow damask pillows to add more color while maintaining a monochromatic pattern concept.

These damask chairs really up the style in this dine-in kitchen area from farmhouse geek to très chic!  The room would be a little bland in their absence- they completely change the feel of the room without straying from the neutral color scheme.

This chair is one of my favorites-- I love the silver wood accents with the red and white damask, and the shape is amazing.  I think it would look amazing in a colorful room with golden yellows and turquoises, or as the sole accent color in a neutral color scheme of grays, blacks and whites.

Some damasks can introduce new concepts into a room's design.  In the case of this chair, the fun deer print with foliage and bird accenting adds an element of nature to a room in a whimsical way.

Last but not least, damask wallpaper... a bold statement, but one that can certainly create a unique effect in a room.  One thing that I love about damask is that it is a classic style, used for centuries, but there are lots of modern versions that make it a current must-have.

Some of my favorite rooms with damask wallpaper... (cue the montage)...

A baby nursery that can be easily converted into a room for a little lady (and how amazing is that pattern?).

A subtle pattern in a masculine black and cream color scheme that looks great with the tailored deco armchair.

Just because a room has a damask wallpaper doesn't mean it has to be deco or modern... when paired with a simple four poster canopy bed and solid pastel bed linens, this subtle grey and cream damask gives this bedroom a cottagey influence. 

By using a metallic and teal damask wallpaper with gilt and mirrored tables and an upholstered balloon-back chair, this room has an air of elegance to it.

Last but not least, the traditional black and white damask.  I love how damask can make any room look more polished and elegant-- even a room with cotton covered couches and a traditional wood mantel.  

So, as you can see, damask is truly a fabulously feasible option for any room.  I hope this has inspired you to update your house with an element of damask (be it pillows or wallpaper) to truly make it your home.

God Bless,


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  1. I love the damask wall paper that you refer to as french country with a twist. I want to redo my kitchen with this. Where did you find it?