Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everyone Loves a Good Collage!

Hey y'all!  I have been very inspired lately by wall collages-- they are such a fun way to display your personal treasures, memories, and collections without making them too stuffy.  Here are some ideas on how to personalize your home with pictures, artwork, and other trinkets while still maintaining a fun design scheme.

This collage incorporates pictures and artwork of many different shapes, colors, and sizes.  Playing with the size of the mats inside the frame is a fun way to introduce a new element into a collage of framed art.

{Photo from Apartment Therapy}

Another example of how you can use artwork of varying sizes to create a fun and unique photo collage.

Here, the collager again used artwork of varying shapes and sizes, but the large black lifesize cameo-esque bust in the middle draws your attention to the center of the wall.

To change the impact of your photo collage, place the artwork closer together to create more of a cluster of photos.

Instead of hanging pictures on walls, install large shelves and rest artwork of varying sizes on the shelves, accompanied by other fun items such as plants, decorative candles, etc.  I love the ampersands and other letters that were used in this picture- you could use your initials!  Use all possible space when constructing this collage-- the framed art resting on the floor creates a more dramatic effect than if the designer had only used the two shelves.   Also, the black and white is a very chic way to display these photos.
{Photo from Pottery Barn}

This photo collage uses lots of empty frames and mirrors mixed with other fun items (such as a faux deer head, a plate, and an initial letter) to create a very visually appealing wall collage.

A unique idea for a kitchen wall collage would be to use a collection of assorted plates to create an interesting arrangement on a wall.  Be creative with the shape of your collage and the colors used in the plates!

Finally, here are some small wall collages that I've done in my own home recently.  I like to use a variety of items in my own collages-- framed art, shelves, initials, canvases, and other unique design items.

This collage is centered above my headboard of my bed- it was done using items that I already had in my house.  You could certainly get even more creative if you were purchasing the items specifically for the collage!

My roommate and I did this collage to go above our TV console in our living room.  We used fabric covered canvases to introduce new patterns and textures, and the king and queen crowns introduce a different shape to the mix.

{Note:  These collages aren't crooked, I just had to take the pictures from an angle.}

A collage wall is something that you could easily do in your own home without spending any money at all-- just look around and see what unique treasures you have to work with!  It's a great way to infuse your own personality into your home's design to make it a home.

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  1. Love these! Im doing a collage in my dining room and needed some inspiration.