Friday, October 8, 2010

Heavy Metal?

My favorite thing about a house is the character that comes with it, and nothing says character more than an old historic home.  Not all of us, however, have the luxury of owning the piece of history that an old house provides.  If you love the charm of older houses but instead own a brand new piece of property, installing tin ceiling tiles to accent your house's architecture is a unique way to achieve the look of character that you're going for.  Here are some unique ways to use tin ceiling tiles to spruce up your house's interior:

Using tin tiles on the ceiling in your kitchen are a great way to add vintage charm to an otherwise blank canvas.

These silver tin ceiling tiles are sleek and sophisticated.

There are so many different patterns, sizes, and varieties of ceiling tiles, making it easy to choose those that best fit your style!

The ceiling tiles in these kitchens have been painted so that the ceiling has almost an embossed look, emphasizing the pattern and design of the tiles without the stark contrast of the tin.

Tin ceiling tiles can add character to your home without being applied to the ceiling-- here are a few ideas on how to use tin ceiling tiles in other useful and creative ways:

Covering an entire wall with tin creates an amazing accent wall.

If a wall covered in metal is too much for your taste, think about making just a bed headboard out of tin tiles-- it adds a modern touch without being overwhelmingly metallic.  You can use lots of tiny metal tiles pieced together or...

... three larger tiles placed side by side!  In this case, the more distressed the better!

Instead of beadboard on a wall in a bathroom, why not cover it in coppery ceiling tiles to create a more interesting palette?  

Ok, maybe its an Oklahoma thing, but people here love to cover up a fridge with wood panels to hide it and make it blend in with the rest of the kitchen, and it is SO not appealing to me.  These decorative tin panels make the fridge stand out rather than fade into the background.  After all, shouldn't the food be the star in the kitchen?

The idea of using old ceiling tiles to create a custom magnet board is so vintage chic.  You could frame it or leave the edges raw and untouched to further enhance its vintage appeal.

Finally, turning an old ceiling tile into a fabulous mirror would create a custom piece for any bathroom, entryway, or other interesting place in your house.

Instead of thinking of tin and other metals as cold and unfriendly, consider using these creative ideas to add charm and vintage appeal to your house and make it a home.

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