Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Good Paint Job

Sometimes installing new cabinets to update your kitchen can be a huge task that is too daunting both physically and financially.  If new kitchen cabinets are not an option for you, another great way to quickly update your kitchen is to paint your cabinets a unique and fun color.  Here are some beautiful painted kitchen cabinet updates that you can try at home:

These teal kitchen cabinets are beautifully paired with white walls and large-scale checkered wooden floors.

Another view (I love the black pendant lights hanging above the island):

Images from Southern Living

This monochromatic gray paint is a very chic option.

This sage green is a very welcoming color, and I think it would look great with white marble or a light-colored granite.

The sage green is paired with wood floors, a beautiful rust-colored hood, and square glass pendant lanterns to create more of a rustic feel.  The walls are even painted the same color to make a beautiful statement.

I love this dark plum color, and while it looks great with the sandy colored walls, I think it would also be beautiful paired with another color, like light blue.

Image From Apartment Therapy

These bright red cabinets are so fresh, bold, and modern.

If the previous option is too much for you, choose a darker red color, and paint only the bottom half of your kitchen cabinetry red to ground your space and provide a pop of color.

Image from Agnes' Kitchen

This buttery yellow color lightens up the room and brings a sunny, cheerful feel to your home.  Notice that the walls are again painted the same color to provide a monochromatic canvas for your design.

I hope these pictures have inspired you to grab a few cans of paint and update your kitchen in a unique and easy way to turn your house into a home.

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  1. I love these kitchens! I think I should grab a few cans of paint and get to work.

  2. I love the color of the buttery yellow kitchen. What color & brand of paint is this?
    Getting ready to paint my kitchen.
    Thank You!

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